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The company SINTEX has been established in November 1992 as a limited liability company. Its initial marketing strategy was based on manufacturing of high-quality weft-knitted fabrics and ready-to-made products focused on incessant innovations of the current production and assortment of products.


In 1999, SINTEX has been transformed into a new legal form, Joint Stock Company. 


Another principal steps were carried out in 2000, when SINTEX has built a new knitting mill of weft-knitted fabrics and large-capacity material storages. During the same year, the company significantly expanded its machinery. It has bought a new large-production knitting machines and monitoring lines. SINTEX also acquired the CSN EN ISO 9002 quality certificate after a successful audit.


As a result of the changes in the progress in textile market the company has started its radical innovation changes that has significantly modified the companys commodity structure of knitted fabrics in 2004. Special functional fibres and yarns were included in the companys assortment of products. Sintex has become a certified partner of the company Advansa/Invista for physiological and heat-insulating branded materials: CoolMax®, Thermolite®, and ThermoCool® 


Another period significant for the company was 2009, when the company implemented a merger with its affiliated company, Spolsin. This merger allowed expansion of the SINTEXs portfolio of products with new groups of products, which are special fabrics, warp-knitted fabrics, filters, yarns and their semi-products. The merger also strengthened the research&development activities and technical works. SINTEX has also established its own accredited test laboratory for testing of textile materials authorized in accordance with VSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


In 2013, SINTEX has supplemented its certification with Öko-Tex Standard 100, which proves health and hygiene soundness of the products manufactured.

Terms and Conditions effective from 1 January 2022

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