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The research&development department’s activities follow up with the original orientation of the Institute for processing of chemical fibres (Ustav pro zpracovani chemickych vlaken, UZCHV), i.e. application research, development, consultancy and informatics in the area of wool-processing and textile industry starting from testing of new fibrous materials through processing technologies to testing of new technological processes and machinery, including testing of fibres and textiles quality. The activities of the research&development department are supported by a complete spinning, weaving and knitting technologies.

Research&development department is a non-productive section that ensures:

  • Managing of projects in R&D area on national and international level.
  • Patterning of small items of yarns, cloths and knitted fabrics.
  • Development of new types of textile products, innovations of current assortment base.
  • Cooperation with national and foreign laboratories and provision of textile materials testing using standard and special methods.
  • Testing of processability of textile materials.
  • Maintaining business contacts with Czech and Foreign producers of textile fibres and manufacturers of manufacturing&technological machinery.


Preparation of yarns samples

Our complete spinning technology is supported by a top-class technology in the area of preparation of a strand and rove (regulation drawing frame RSB – D 35, roving machine F 15), and spinning machine K 44 for manufacturing of compact ring yarns. Our installed spinning technology provides the possibility to test processability of new materials and patterning of small items of yarns and semi-products. Patterning of hybrid technical and functional mixed yarns made of synthetic, natural, metal and coated fibres

Preparation of woven samples on CCI patterning devices

  • Patterning warper SW 550
  • Patterning needle looms Evergreen SL 8900
  • Patterning sizing device SS 565

It is a computer-controlled set of CCI patterning devices for preparation of woven patterns. This device serves for testing of processability of new materials, simulation of manufacturing conditions and operating preparation of coloured, material, weaving and thread count variants of individual patterns of cloths.

  • The device is able to process simple and twisted yarn and silk in the wide scope of fineness and materials.
  • It is possible to use only one bobbin for spinning. The width of warping is max. 50 cm.
  • Patterning on warp is given by 20 sheets; leno warp is also possible.
  • Possibilities for patterning in the direction of weft are given by up to 8 bar. weft substitution; it is possible to change weft threat count even during weaving.
  • We standardly supply a greige sample 43 - 45 cm wide and c. 1.6 - 1.8 bm long.
 Vzorovací snovadlo

Patterning warping device

 Vzorovací šlichtovací za?ízení

Patterning sizing device
 Vzorovací jehlový stav

Patterning needle loom

 Vzorovací jehlový stav

Patterning needle loom


Patterning of knitted fabrics

Technology of weft knitting offers possibilities for testing of processability and patterning on weft small-diameter, large-diameter and flat knitting machines. Warp weaving technology offers the possibilities for testing processability and patterning on two- and three-device warp looms.


Research&development projects

One of the most important elements of the works in the area of research and development is coordination of resolution or participation in resolution of national and international R&D projects the results of which create a precondition for implementation of manufacturing of new textiles with higher value added in the society or, as the case may be, expand application possibilities and the related market as well.
In recent years, SINTEX, a.s. participated in research and development projects in the role of the principal coordinator and co-investigator. It has practical experience with handling projects within the programs:

  • 6th and 7th RP EU
  • EUREKA – International Cooperation in Research and Development Programme
  • Programmes: Konsorcia, Impuls, Tip, Tandem of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
  • Research Centres of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic
  • ALFA TACR programme

Running projects

Acronym Name Period
BIODET Biodegradable clothing and technical textiles 2011-2014
MECTEX Functional textiles for health and standard of living of the aging population 2012-2014
DITEX Spacer fabrics to ensure thermophysical comfort 2014-2016
LIOS Standby systems of linear exposure 2015-2018
FIBFAB Industrialization of bio-based textile fabrics for clothing applications. Website: 2017-2018




Ministry of education youth and sports




Project number



Protective Multifunctional Products for Rental Use


The main objective of the project is research and development of a new generation of protective clothing, intended to be laundered industrially, made of weft knitted fabrics with multifunctional properties, such as flame retardancy, antistatic, electric arc, high visibility.


05/2019 - 10/2021


Completed projects

Acronym Name Period
PROGTEX Progressive yarns design with higher added value 1999-2001
ROTGOODS Production of special, unconventional textile materials using a new generation of two-component yarns. 2001-2003
SAFETEX Research on new constructions and processing systems for multi-functional protective fabric with increased added value. 2003-2005
BATEX OE89 Development EMC barrier, anti-static fabrics and work clothes. 2001-2003
MULTIFUNC Multifunctional woven and knitted fabrics for high performance barrier textile materials and workwear 2005-2006
BASTEX Production of woven and knitted fabrics with optimum properties when exposed to weathering and URV sunlight folder 2005-2006
LINTEX The development of structures for technical yarns and their applications 2005-2006
Biotex Antibacterial textiles 2005-2007
3D-TEX Research, development, sampling and testing of spacer knits 2006-2009
TECOM The impact of technology on compacting on structures, properties and use of yarns and fabrics from hi-tech fibers. 2007-2010
MANGO Directed protection with high-tech fabrics against contamination 2008-2009
ZDRATEX New multifunctional textiles for the healthcare sector. 2007-2009
KOMPAKT Compact yarns and their application in fabrics. 2008-2010
FUNTESIL Production of multifunctional textiles with mixed yarns cotton/silver 2008-2010
MODSIMtex Development of rapid configuration system for textile production machinery based on the physical behaviour simulation of precision textile structures 2009-2011
Reusable 3D functional composite structures for the prevention of pressure ulcers in clinical and home health care 2012-2013
BATAN Fabrics with increased comfort resistant to electromagnetic radiation 2011-2013



  • CLUTEX III - Cluster of technical textiles
  • Exhibitions



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