Warp-knitted fabrics

Flag fabric

This is a plain jersey knitted fabric with high resistance to tearing wind. These materials are also ideal for advertising in law enforcement and are suitable for all kinds of prints (the sublimation printing, screen printing , digital printing) .


Areas of application: printable flag, banner email , banners , distinctive jerseys for orienteering runner.

Materials: polyester

Parameters: width 190 cm, basis weight 85-180 g/m2 

The material on jerseys

Knitted fabric of polyester filament yarn, which are ideal for sublimation printing it. They have high strength and damage resistance.  

Areas of application: hockey jerseys, training, distinguishing

Material: Polyester
Parameters: width 160 cm, basis weight:

  • Hockey 200- 230 g/m2
  • Material pants 235 g/m2
  • Indoor sports 160- 200 g/m2
  • Distinctive jersey 100- 170 g/m2

Knitted fabric structure: different designs (full and open structure)


Areas of application: ventilation lining, pocketing, distinguishing vests, decorations it in law enforcement

Materials: Polyester, Polyester / Lycra

Parameters: width 150-170 cm, weight per unit area:

  • open structures 70 to 350 g / m2
  • smooth fabric 70 to 100 g / m2

Knitted fabric structure: different designs (full and open structure)

Technical knitwear 

Fabric with high visibility, color, finish

Areas of application: warning vests, protective clothing  construction, logging

Features: conforms to CSN EN 471

Material: Polyester

Knitted fabric flame retardant finish

Applications: protective clothing in the chemical industry and for e.g. firefighter, sleeve hems workwear

Modification: antistatic

Features: meet the requirements of CSN EN 1149-1

Material: Polyester