SINTEX has successfully applied VIDA voucher funding

Thanks to possibility of VIDA voucher (project funded by EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020) funding we could realize two projects.

In the first one, in coperation with Institute for Testing and Certification, a.s. Zlín, we were able to prove health harmlessness of a unique wound candle filter with innovative PAD nanomembrane developed by our company. Our filter enables an ultrafiltration of unwanted substances harmful to human health. (VIDA Innovation Support Voucher – ISV017)

During the second project, in cooperation with Sindat, we have developed a unique material with superabsorbent properties that can absorb more than thirty times the weight of oil or petroleum substances. Another interesting feature is that it can be used repeatedly, while lasting up to several tens of cycles without changing the properties. (VIDA Innovation Support Voucher – ISV016)

Thank you very much @h2020VIDA and @nanoprogresseu for your support. 

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Company profile

We are a Czech company engaged in textile manufacturing at all production stages, i.e. from manufacturing of yarn through manufacturing of knitted fabrics and cloths to ready-made products. The key area of the companys activities, in addition to purely manufacturing programmes and activities, remains research and development together with an accredited textile laboratory.